“KUSAM-MECO” introduced a New Ultra High Precision 6½ Digit (Bench Top) Digital Multimeter Model M3500A.
This meter has 11 Measurements, 8 Math Functions & 25 Ranges. It has a 5 x 7 dot matrix VFD, dual display with three color annunciators. It is optionally provided with Matlab and Lab view applications that allows user to do a variety of tasks. Also feature the PT – Tool that can acquire data directly from the measurement into MS WORD or EXCEL. Even without MS WORD or EXCEL, user can choose the PT-Link, which is a stand-alone application. High speed sampling rate and data rate are at 2000 readings / sec (At 4½ digit setting). High capacity of internal data memory which stores upto 2000 readings. The DMM supports two methods for Temperature Measurements :- Thermocouples and RTDs. For thermocouples, it supports up to 7 types of sensors: E, J, K, N, R, S and T. High
Accuracy for DC Voltage is ± 0.0015% of reading. & AC Voltage is ± 0.04% of reading. AC Measurement Range is from 3Hz to 300KHz. It measures AC RMS Voltage from 100.0000mV to 750.000V, AC RMS Current Range :
1.000000A, 3.00000A. DC Voltage from 100.0000mV to 1000.000V, DC Current from 10.00000mA to 3.00000A. Resistance from 100.0000 to 100.0000M. Frequency & period range is from 100mV to 750V (3Hz to 300KHz). Diode Test range is 1.0000V & Continuity Test range is 1000.000.. It operates on 230V AC.
Its Dimensions are 88.6(H) x 213.6(W) x 370.0(D) mm & Weight is approx. 2.23kg. It supplied with User Manual , Power Cord, USB Cable, Test Leads & Software CD.

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